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Intermittent Fasting - fast fat loosing

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Optimal fedding system for effective reduction of fat tissue.


Actually, the problem of obesity is one from the biggest threats of our civilisation. The costs connected with treatment of the consequences of overweight begin to be unbearable burden. The obesity causes strong burden of the organism, what may be core of many diseases and inflammation.


It should answer the questions whether :

  • Have I awareness of my overweight ?

  • My level of the fat tissue is accepted visually ?

  • My overweight disturbs in everyday duties ?

  • My frame of mind is negative and I I don't want to many activities, because I have an overweight ?

  • I have health problems from reason of overweight ?

  • I spend a lot of time on eating of the meals ?

  • My sexual life isn't satisfying, because I have an overweight ?

  • I feel no libido or potency ?

  • I get tired quickly

  • I sleep a long time, but I'm sleepy


The impact of the overweight on the human life is wider than these questions. Destructive issue of overweight is a common phenomenon and it has big implications for the whole society. The ability of organizing healthy lifestyle isn't difficult. Unfortunately, system of the education in west countries hasn't appropriate framework for teaching connected with nutrition as a factor in regulating of the disease processes. On the other hand, the excess of modificated food and lifestyle, in which we function, enhances the bad habits and our state of health.

2015 was year, in which I spend a lot of time on testing of various combinations of diet. My objective was elaboration of diet, which causes not only loss of the fat tissue, but significantly improves my physical and mental state. For 12 months, I was able to lose weight from 198 kg to 87 kg. The percentage of fat tissue decreased from 22 % to 10 %. Visceral fat rating from 8 points to 3 points. At the height 186 cm, I gained ideal body weight.


Developed recommendations are based on different techniques and diets. I tested myself elements of the low-carbohydrate diet, periodic mini-fasts, rotation macronutrients and meaning of some food products.


Developed system of the nutrition provides:

  • permament, progressive reduction of the fat tissue ,

  • better frame of mind ,

  • improvement of body health parameters ,

  • better sleeping and regeneration ,

  • bigger libido and potency ,

  • increase of immunity to infections ,

  • faster adaptation to stress.


The benefits of change of the nutrition style are significantly bigger and are really preview of the other, better life. Considering the good of my close friends, which try reduction of fat for several years, I decided to elaborate optimal fedding system for reduction of the fat tissue. The recommendations, which guide contains, you can to introduce stepwise as whole or selectively, according to certain rules.


From this guide you learn :

  • what products to use and what to avoid ,

  • how compose meals ,

  • when to eat,

  • what increases of fat burning ,

  • how to enhance the effect of supplementation ,

  • several curiosities, which I discovered during tests.


Yours sincerely,

Filip Chmurzyński

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